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The African Center for Translational Genomics (ACTG) is pleased to announce the Academic Scholarship recipients of 2021.
(The ACTG Academic Scholarship window is currently closed)

The objectives of the center are to empower the next generation of African genomic scientists through the provision and implementation of grants, fellowships, and internships; enable better health outcomes by powering the discovery of disease variants which will significantly improve responses to drugs especially among African populations, and enhance therapy on the African continent by enabling individualized and precise care that utilizes patient unique genetic identity to develop new targets for medicine.

ACTG is committed to empowering the next generation of African genomic scientists to enhance Africa’s competitive advantage globally. As one of its early undertakings, the ACTG has, in collaboration with the scientists at the Nigeria Institute of Medical Research and the National Biotechnology Development Agency in Nigeria, established the Non-Communicable Diseases Genetic Heritage Study (NCD-GHS) Consortium. Through the Consortium, the ACTG is facilitating studies that would help unravel the genomic determinants of non-communicable diseases with special attention to cardiometabolic diseases among African populations. The studies also aim to develop insights that would facilitate precision medicine and translational research in Africa.


This scholarship will enhance Africa's competitive advantage in the genomics research and development space, globally, by reaching and assisting young scientists as early as possible in their career. The successful candidates will be working with the NCD-GHS team and expected to either focus on exploring the genetic epidemiology or the molecular genetics of some Non-Communicable Diseases (cancers, diabetes, thyroid disorders, parkinson's, alzheimer’s and sickle cell).

Scholarship Details:

The scholarship offer is competitive based on prevailing rates in both public and private universities in Africa. Up to $4,000 is available per scholar per year for up to 4 years . Scholarship awards may be applied towards tuition, housing, study related travels as well as other study related activities. The total allocation approvable will be determined based on the Scholarship Committee’s evaluation of the applications submitted. Up to 4 scholarships will be awarded this year. This scholarship will be offered annually in subsequent years.

  • Abimbola Onyia - Covenant University, Nigeria
  • Rejoice Gomera - University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Christopher Kintu - Makerere University, Uganda
  • Chisom Soremekun - Makerere University, Uganda
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